2015 Honda Pilot Redesign

2015 Honda Pilot review

Next year model 2015 Honda Pilot will be seen on the automotive markets with only slight changes done on the existing model.

2015 Honda Pilot Review, Redesign and Price

2015 Honda Pilot Release Date

But the long awaited full redesign of popular crossover will show up in only 2015. And it is without any doubts gonna be quite a surprise for those lovers of the vehicle. In particular, potential buyers may expect drifting away from usual so called boxy vehicle design. But whatever the change will be it would bring us great updated version of mentioned above SUV making it far attractive and gorgeous compare to other cars in lineup.

2015 Honda Pilot Interior

2015 Honda Pilot Redesign

Even though some rumours were telling about really big and significant changes leading to greater level of improvements regarding next year model – well, it was just rumours. But that 2014 option of Acura MDX will become a solid building platform for the 2015 Honda Pilot. As we all know, Honda make it that way for many years already since it provides plenty of time for the engineering and designing teams to erase any shortcoming problem.
2015 Honda Pilot Redesign

2015 Honda Pilot Exterior and Engine

As usual, Pilot models always offer great range of contemporary equipment and characteristics, but official letter said model for the 2015 will possess much improved and quite extended features. Alongside with redesigning vehicle’s exterior company will work on the interior as well; thus, new seven-seats crossover will reach high level of popularity in its category. And it is not known if other competitors could be able to compete with newest 2015 Honda Pilot .

2015 Honda Pilot Exterior

By the current moment there is no official information that can highlight new engine for the Pilot-2015. But rumours are discussing the probability of V6 engine for 3.5 litres reaching 310HP and torque of 265 lb/ft. FWD model will be coupled by CVT, meanwhile AWD model most likely would paired by transmission with six speeds (automatic). Suggested innovations for the 2015 option should also make it more economical.

2015 Honda Pilot Price

$31,000 – $41,300

Circulating rumours were also about probable presentation for the 2015 Pilot by the end of running year. But surely the event cannot take place that soon, maybe we would have the chance to enjoy the new look sometime during second quarter next year. In the current year it could be only conceptual presentation. Debates on the price went so far as well. Some resources suspect that no much alteration will be done to the current price which is 31 thousand US dollars for the LX, 32,4 thousand US dollars for the EX, 35 thousand US dollars for the EX-L and 41,3 thousand US dollars for the Touring.


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