2015 GMC Terrain

2015 GMC Terrain Review

After its distribution at the International Auto Show in New York in 2009, 2015 GMC Terrain has been always compared with “Equinox” by “Chevrolet”. To put it simply, “Terrain” is obviously another version of existing lineup model “Pontiac Torrent”, thus it has similar with “Equinox” powertrains and platform. However, company will redesign this vehicle to the 2015 adding few details to make it look totally new, but for sure one of innovations will be Denali trim.

2015 GMC Terrain Review Redesign Specs

2015 GMC Terrain Redesign

New “Terrain” will be based on the platform “Theta” which once again similar to the “Equinox”, however, the difference lays in body panels and few standard features. Also, we may note that “Terrain” appears as male model, while “Equinox” has more female features. New redesigned vehicle is quite aggressive and muscular with its bold style; the exterior design includes a lot of chrome details. As midsized crossover redesigned “Terrain” offers wheels of 19 inches.

2015 GMC Terrain Redesign

2015 GMC Terrain Specs

Model-2013 has new engine along with trim level “Denali”; standard I-4 VVTDI engine for 2,4 litres delivers 182HP with 6700rpm, while another option is V6 SIDI VVT engine for 3,6 litres which provides 301HP with 6500rpm. The latter will be replacement for the old engine; however, both types of engines are coupled with automatic transmission with six speeds, while power goes to four or just two wheels drive.

2015 GMC Terrain Headlight

Being equipped with V6 engine gave “Terrain” for 2013 towing power for 3500 pounds, yet this has influenced its consumption of fuel along with mileage.

2015 GMC Terrain Interior

2015 GMC Terrain Exterior and Interior

While exterior design is definitely quite masculine, the interior is much more different but very spacious and offers high quality materials used for dashboard and seats. The basic model for 2013 costs approximately 27 thousand US dollars while “Terrain Denali” for 2015 will cost you already 42 thousand US dollars.

2015 GMC Terrain Exterior



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