2014 toyota supra release date

2014 Toyota Supra Review, Price, Specs And Release Date

2014 Toyota Supra will likely has bigger body than the actual GT86 and feature a new style inspired from the FT-HS hybrid concept car which first showed at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show.

2014 Toyota Supra Review, Price, Specs And Release Date

2014 toyota supra white front angle photo

According to the latest rumors from Toyota City in regards to the Toyota Supra replacement implies that the leading vehicle may be packed by the turbocharged 2.5-liter I-4 hybrid delivering at a minimum of 400 horsepower. There are possibilities that Toyota will reveal the 2014 Toyota Supra production of the car will start later late 2017, although we will view this plan very soon at Tokyo Motor Show.

2014 toyota supra white side view photo

2014 toyota supra interior photo

2014 toyota supra

BMW will be helping Toyota with the suspension and the handling of the new Toyota, in the meantime, BMW will be going to use the beefed up version of the GT86 base platform for the Z4 update. During the testing, the car boosting very much same power as the 2014 Toyota Supra.

In 2007 Toyota rolled out the FT-HS concept, which at the time was said to hint at the design of the automaker’s next Supra. It also featured a hybrid drivetrain.

Toyota and BMW confirmed would collaborate on a new platform that would form the basis of at least one sports car from each of the automakers.
For Toyota, the platform would be used for a new generation of its Supra, a car that has been hinted at by the automaker’s execs for the past several years.

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