2014 Honda City

2014 Honda City Review

Honda is plans to declare 2014 Honda City  the release date upon the year completion.Jazz is ready to catch sight of the  launch in the beginning of 2014, the word coming out by Twitter, the new model can be presented even in December 2013.

2014 Honda City Exterior photo

Starting in 2014, in India’s city is expected to occur a new Jazz. In the 2014 City should share many parts with new Jazz, both machines is supported by the same platform. Considering that in 2014 the Jazz will get more, both inside and out, a similar story can go so far to the next generation of sedan.

Honda City is the automobile with a very contemporary design that is proposed in many countries. On the last (5) of the model generation was also comprises the Europa’s market. In compliance of the market features can be available in several variants. As you’ve been asking many questions  about a new model release, we spent a couple of observations.

2014 Honda City Redesign Photo

2014 Honda City Release Date

You could contact by a listed Honda traders find more information about 2014 Honda City price. There’s no goal why you have to ultimately be missed when it going to high-end and relaxation that come with the Honda. The car made in a such way they will lend there where you couldn’t even predicted. We pledge that we’ll improve shortly after Honda Announce 2014 and Honda City come out. Meanwhile, some rumors say that Honda City will be at the end of 2013 year.


2014 Honda City Interior Photo

2014 Honda City Features

For features you can have a regular inventory of electric powered windows and mirrors, HAND HELD AIR Conditioner and a 6-speaker audio system and USB-connection. New motor makes 100 hp Honda City, 17 PS rised over of the last model. This additional capacity allows the new model to complete the test 0-100 km / h in just 11.8 seconds of the manual version, the advance is 1.6 seconds. In India the City was the biggest Honda hit and thesupervisors ‘ll not spend the time to present the new car since its launch.

2014 Honda City side view

2014 Honda City Design

The new City is coming with an entirely new view. On the websites, you still can’t find concrete information about how it will look, may be like the 2014 Honda City, but we heard this model will come with some external change. Either, there are expectation  the 2014 Honda City will be oblong than its predecessor.

2014 Honda City Price



2014 Honda City video Review

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